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Fern Reiss

“The Expertizing Forum has by far exceeded my expectations! In just a few short weeks, my company has fielded interest from writers at both Time and Inc. magazine. Fern's assistance in helping personalize our pitch was invaluable. Definitely a worthwhile investment for a fraction of the cost of a traditional PR agency!”

— Selena S. Cuffe, President, Heritage Link Brands

How to Pitch Top Magazines,
“How Do I Get My Business Into Your Publication?”

If you’ve always wanted to get national media attention for your business or organization—from The New York Times, Forbes Magazine, Inc. Magazine, Harvard Business Review, Time Magazine, CNN, USA Today and more—now’s your opportunity.  In the Expertizing® Publicity Forum, not only do top editors and journalists share their tips on pitching to their publications, but they'll look at your actual pitches and tell you exactly how to tweak them to make them saleable to major publications. Appropriate for entrepreneurial startups, small or large businesses, authors, and organizations.  Participants have been featured in:

  • The New York Times
  • Inc. Magazine
  • Time Magazine
  • Forbes Magazine
  • Psychology Today
  • Parenting
  • USA Today

In addition, several participants found literary agents through the Forum and sold books to major publishers.

Here's how it works:  We've combed through our rolodex of hundreds of top-notch journalists, and have zeroed in on the top of the top.  We've asked them to work with you directly, and the response has been overwhelming.  They're ready to hear your news—and have agreed to consider you for their pieces, or to tell you why your pitch was inappropriate for their publication.  At worst, you'll learn why your pitches aren't succeeding—valuable information in formulating new publicity strategies—and make contact with dozens of new journalists that you can approach again.  At best, you'll get coverage in top publications.

Each week, for five months, we'll introduce a new journalist or editor.  They'll cover a variety of beats and areas, ranging from entrepreneurship to health, but our primary focus will be on journalists covering business. We'll also include two literary agents (for those of you who have rightly realized that the best positioning often involves publishing a book—whether you're an individual, foundation director, high-level manager, or CEO) and possibly a producer from a top television show.

Here's a partial list of journalists and editors who will look at your book or business in the next session of the Expertizing® Publicity Forum:

  • Business columnist, New York Times
  • Managing editor, Inc. Magazine
  • Business correspondent, USA Today
  • Senior editor, Forbes Magazine
  • Staff writer, Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Senior Writer, Time Magazine
  • Freelance Writer, Parent and Child Magazine
  • Writer, Good Housekeeping
  • Writer, People Magazine
  • Executive Editor, Fast Company
  • Associate Editor, Harvard Business Review
  • Writer, Reader's Digest
  • Writer, Wall Street Journal

plus several more journalists and editors, as well as 2 literary agents from top-notch agencies.

Each week you'll get background information on the journalist and publication(s) for which they write.  We'll also give you pitching techniques to improve your ability to get coverage.  Then, each of you will have the opportunity to pitch the journalist (via a short email pitch) and receive the journalist's feedback on your approach.  You'll also have the opportunity to read everyone else's pitch and feedback—which will vastly improve the quality of your future pitches.

“The Expertizing Forum was a high quality, cost effective way for Cambridge Healthtech Associates to refine our PR pitch and make it first-rate while also gaining valuable media exposure in the process. We are considering joining again!”

— Eric Glazer, VP, Marketing, Cambridge Healthtech Associates (CHA)

Here's what will happen each week, for five months, once you've joined the the Expertizing® Publicity Forum:

  1. We send you background information and a biography of the journalist. We also send you the results of an interview we conducted with the journalist on what kinds of pitches they like to receive, what they're looking for; and how best to pitch this publication. These top journalists and editors will tell you:
    • What sorts of stories are most appropriate for their publication
    • What type of things they look for in pitches
    • What you should never do when pitching
    • What kind of pitches they're always looking for
    • Any other tips or advice they can share
  2. The next day, read Fern's mini-correspondence course with her winning Expertizing® tips and techniques.
  3. Next, write your 100-word pitch and e-mail it to us.
  4. A few days later, learn what the journalist or editor thought of your pitch—and how they thought you could improve it. (You also get to see the journalist's responses to all of the Forum participants' pitches.)
  5. If the journalist is interested in your story, they'll be in touch with you directly. Otherwise, work on refining your pitch for next week's journalist. You can submit the same pitch each week. Or, you can pitch totally different parts of your book or business each week—your choice.

Wondering who else joins the Expertizing® Publicity Forum? Here are just some of the businesses and organizations that have participated in the past:

  • A skincare product manufacturer
  • A web-based employment portal
  • An online networking startup
  • A real estate/financial services company
  • A non-profit academic institution
  • An organizational leadership consulting firm
  • An adult learning web-based company
  • An energy technology firm
  • A business that imports South African wines to the US
  • An MBA admissions branding consulting company
  • A consultant / life-coach
  • A non-profit health-related organization
  • A minister and speaker on drug rehabilitation
  • A depression expert
  • A women's empowerment speaker and writer
  • An author of a popular non-fiction book

There are conferences that offer this sort of pitching forum—for just one day—and they cost over $6000.  Or, to produce and distribute two press releases (which usually end up in the garbage pail) can cost $1200 or more. We're able to offer this unique opportunity to pitch directly to major journalists each week during the five-month forum for just $2400.

Sign up today for weekly pitching.  And see the effects on your business that good media coverage will bring.

“I've tried a couple of options on the PR range. I had hired a PR firm in NYC and paid many thousands of dollars and that was a complete waste of money. I have since decided to take a more hands-on approach to my publicity and as a practical step I enrolled in the Expertizing Publicity Forum that Fern Reiss runs. This forum trains CEOs and business owners exactly how to capture the attention of journalists and literary agents. The real-time pitching opportunities (plus tons of feedback from the journalists at leading magazines and papers) have given me the tools I was looking for to better market my company. I even connected with a literary agent for my book from this interaction. I can't say that one should never hire a PR agency. However, from my experience, stepping into the driving seat by learning how to deal directly with the media/journalists is the way to go.”

— Chioma Isiadinso, CEO,,
an MBA admissions consulting firm

P.S. Even if you're only successful in pitching one journalist—wouldn't that one mention in The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal or People Magazine be worth many times the cost of The Expertizing® Publicity Forum?

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P.P.S. If you'd like to share this pitching opportunity with your entire firm, foundation, or publicity clients, contact us about purchasing a group membership at a reduced rate.

P.P.P.S. Coming soon: The Literary Agent Forum: Pitch a different prestigious agent each week for five months, with feedback guaranteed. Limited to just 20 authors to ensure individual attention. Inquire for dates. $2400

“I work at a leading media conglomerate, which serves as a front line for watching/hearing individuals promote themselves. How seldom we find substance beneath the image! Fern distinguishes herself by genuinely striving to add value, insights, differing perspectives. I can't tell you how refreshing this is.”

— Tamsin Wolf, Time-Warner


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