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Fern Reiss

Need a dynamic speaker for your next conference or corporate event? Fern Reiss is one of the most popular keynote speakers you've ever heard.

“Fern Reiss's presentation on ‘Promoting and Branding Experts’ was one of our best-attended and highest-rated sessions. We've already asked Fern to come back for an encore.

— Jim Sinkinson, Bulldog Reporter Media
Relations Conference


Fern has entertained and educated (partial list):

Business & Corporate Groups

  • MIT Enterprise Forum
  • Harvard Alumni Startups
  • Young Presidents' Organization
  • The Commonwealth Institute
  • Financial Women's Association
  • The Society for Professional Consultants
  • CEO Village Entrepreneurs and Corporate Leaders
  • Entrepreneur's Exchange
  • Downtown Women's Club
  • Digital Equipment Corporation


  • The Bronfman Foundation
  • The United Methodist Church

Professional Associations

  • American Psychiatric Association

Media, Writing, and Publishing Organizations

  • Bulldog Reporter Media Relations
  • The American Society of Journalists and Authors
  • Book Expo America
  • The National Writer's Union
  • The Association of Women in Communications
  • Association of Authors' Representatives
  • Publishers' Marketing Association University
  • Small Publishers' Association of North America
  • The Small Press Book Fair
  • The Nassau Publisher's Conference
  • ICE Escape Writers' Conference
  • The Do-It-Yourself Convention
  • The Women's National Book Association
  • The Sacramento Authors and Publishers Conference
  • New York Is Book Country

Educational Institutions

  • Harvard Medical School Publishing Conference
  • Harvard Business School's Dynamic Women in Business conference
  • Rosemont College Publishing Program
  • Babson College MBA Program
  • The Learning Annex (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego)

Career & Executive Transition Firms

  • Essex Partners
  • Keystone Associates
  • New Directions

Keynotes and Programs

Choose from the following talks and seminars, or contact Alyza Harris ( about designing a customized program for your group's needs. We are also happy to supply workbooks, books, and audio for your audience.

Expertizing: Position Yourself as a Name Brand

Want to be known as the expert in your field, quoted by the national media on a daily basis? It’s easy—and anyone can learn how. Discover the secrets that can propel you to expert status, from media maven Fern Reiss. Fern has been quoted in the The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and over 100 other publications. Learn how she does it.

Consultants Publish

All consultants, entrepreneurs, and executives should publish a book—as a showpiece, a corporate give-away, and an effective way to display credentials. And it can be done easily—for less than the cost of a glossy brochure. Get the low-down on the fastest way to get your book into print and the best way to use it to promote your business.

Promoting and Branding Your Experts in the Media

Every organization benefits when its spokespeople are quoted. Your professors, doctors, engineers, researchers, and staff should be a continuous source of positive press for you. But how do you get your experts on journalists' radar, how do you position them, and how do you prep them? Learn the best way to get your experts consistently on journalists' source lists.

Expertizing and Work-Life Balance

How does anyone in today's over-scheduled, cell-phone-dominated, time-is-money world balance the demands of work, friends, and family? It's not easy—for anyone, least of all executives and workers in high-powered, driven companies competing in the international marketplace. Listen to Fern Reiss, CEO of, talk about the problems and challenges of balancing work and life in today's world—and how you can conquer the demands of the workplace, while avoiding sacrificing quality time with your family.

Meeting Planners Rave

“Our CEOs enjoyed your energy and enthusiasm about establishing and developing one's brand image and credentials as a subject matter expert.”

— Michael D. Jeans, Vice-President,
New Directions
(executive transition firm)

“What a presentation! Your knowledge, your enthusiasm and—most of all—your creative approach to publicity are astonishing. You provided us with so many good tips that the audience had trouble writing fast enough. So my thanks, both officially on behalf of the Women's National Book Association, and personally.”

— Laurie Beckelman, President,
Women's National Book Association

“What a great talk you gave this morning and so appropriate to what the audience needs to do in presenting themselves in today's competitive market. Thank you for a wonderful program.”

— Jayne Mattson, Co-President, Association of
Career Management Professionals

“Fern Reiss gave the keynote address at the Small Press Book Fair. Fern's comprehensive presentation was packed full of useful tips on how to become a recognized expert. This program was so popular, the audience was practically hanging from the rafters to find space to listen, and even when the seminar concluded, the audience was reluctant to leave. For the remainder of the Fair, people kept coming up to me to tell me how much they had enjoyed Fern's program.”

— Karin Taylor, Executive Director,
New York Small Press Center

“Fern, you are a star! Thank you for sharing your energy and ideas.”

— Eve Sullivan, MIT

“Fern attracted the largest and most diverse audience we've ever had to our monthly forum. Her presentation kept us rapt and spell-bound and asking for more. In fact, we've already requested a repeat engagement although we’ll have to get a larger venue!”

— Diane K. Danielson,
Downtown Women’s Club

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Expertizing. Thanks again for your terrific presentation!”

— Kira Jacobs,
Environmental Protection Agency

“Fern Reiss held Babson graduate students captivated for an hour in one of the most popular talks we've run this year. She was able to connect with students with great ease and offered impressive amounts of valuable information on a variety of topics. We would like to see Fern at Babson again soon.”

— Ana Pacanoska, Babson College

“Thank you for doing this talk—you were sensational!”

— Diane O'Connell, Program Chair, American
Society for Journalists and Authors

“I enjoyed your presentation immensely—your energy and creativity are positively inspiring!”

— Renee Zuckerbrot, Literary Agent,
Association of Authors' Representatives

“Fern was a high-energy source of inspiration to the audience. Her knowledge was first-rate and I highly recommend her.”

— Bruce Haring, Director,
Do It Yourself Convention, NY

“It was such a pleasure to host you and hear you speak on the topic of Expertizing. It was such a fascinating subject, and your talk was enjoyed by all who attended! It was also the most well-attended event since last year. Thank you!”

— Jennifer Slawson, Director, Association of
Women in Communications, D.C.

“I couldn't believe when I wrote up my notes from your talk that you packed in so much valuable information—with fascinating examples, no less!”

— Sarah Wernick, American Society of
Journalists and Authors / National Writers'

“It was great to have Fern speak on campus. She was a huge hit!”

— Christyn Moran Newman, Conference
Organizer, Rosemont College

“Thank you for your Expertizing presentation to the Society for Professional Consultants. I took copious notes and came away with many ‘aha’ points.”

— John Konselman, Society for Professional

“On behalf of Keystone Associates, I would like to thank you for your most recent presentation on Expertizing. It is clear that you have a passion for your business and this energy was carried in your presentation. The audience was very engaged and said they learned quite a bit. Once again, we thank you for your words of wisdom.”

— Cheri Paulson, Senior Vice President,
Keystone Associates
(executive transition firm)


Please contact us with your dates and needs and we’ll be happy to work with you to develop an exciting, affordable program for your group or conference. Email Alyza Harris at for details.


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