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Fern Reiss

Fortune Small Business Magazine: “There's a reason that you are not in the first sentence of this story—and that Fern Reiss is. Is it that she has been quoted in more than 100 publications in just the past six months? Could it be her clever quips that endear her to me? Fern Reiss's popularity among my ilk can't be traced to any one of those accomplishments, but add them up and you can't miss what makes her indispensable to writers: She is an expert. People like me (nonexperts, I'll generously call us) need people like her to lend credibility to our scribblings.” Read the full-page feature on Expertizing by Joshua Hyatt in the January 2005 issue of Fortune Small Business Magazine.

If you’re ready to be famous for your expertise, learn how Expertizing® will get you quoted in the national media—daily.

“I work at a leading media conglomerate, which serves as a front line for watching/hearing individuals promote themselves. How seldom we find substance beneath the image! Fern distinguishes herself by genuinely striving to add value, insights, differing perspectives. I can't tell you how refreshing this is.”

— Tamsin Wolf, Time-Warner

How much would it be worth to your business?

Suppose that when the media needed an expert source for a story, they called you. Imagine if, when people thought of your field, your name was the name that popped into their minds? Just think about the business potential… the lead generation… the referral pipeline… the speaking engagements. Being ‘the name’ in your industry could push your business and professional experience to a whole new level.

Fern Reiss is an honors graduate of Harvard University. She's the author of the bestselling Publishing Game book series and four other books, about which she's quoted frequently. But she's also quoted on non-publishing topics. In the past few months, she's been quoted in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The International Herald Tribune, The Washington Times, The Christian Science Monitor, The Associated Press, United Press International, The New York Sun, PBS, Voice of America, Self, Babies First, ePregnancy, Health, Newsday, Entrepreneur, American Way, Oxygen, First for Women, Women’s World, Glamour, Family Circle, Parenting, Redbook, Newsweek, In Touch Weekly, Writer's Digest, and Fortune Small Business Magazine.

“Fern Reiss is a PR legend.”

— Dan Janal, PR Leads

In fact, when Fern attempts to get into media pieces, she is quoted by journalists more than nine times out of ten. And her consulting clients are achieving as high a rate. She can teach you to do the same thing.

“We booked Fern Reiss for a full day of Expertizing consulting for us and some of our clients with Hilton Hotels Corporation. By the end of the day we had dozens of superb (and easily implemented) ideas on how to get more and better media attention. You can't get this kind of advice anywhere else. It was a great value, and we're already exploring another engagement.”

— Susan Drake, Spellbinders, Inc.

More press means more sales

So why should you care about getting more press attention? What will it really do for your bottom line?

“In 160 studies utilizing 10 million press clippings, PRtrak/SDI has proven that a client’s share of positive media coverage correlates directly to sales. So the better your press, the better your chance to reach bottom-line business goals.”

— Angela Jeffrey, APR, V.P. PRtrak/SDI

More media coverage equals more sales. It’s that simple. So how do you do it?

Figuring out how to position yourself is the hard part

It could take you years, and cost you a small fortune in consulting fees and public relations experts to figure out how to position yourself as an expert—and it might not work. (Haven’t you already tried?) Public relations firms typically charge more than $15,000 each month. And they make no guarantees.

Instead of knocking yourself out trying to get yourself quoted by the press, and wasting a fortune in the process, you can now be guided by Fern in the Expertizing® process—and be quoted by the national media on a daily basis.

“Fern Reiss does for Expertizing what Home Depot did for home improvement. Thanks, Fern, for demystifying the Expertizing process.”

— Paige Arnof-Fenn, CEO, Mavens & Moguls

Expertizing® will make you a name brand

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to get all the publicity? Does it bother you that even though you have expertise in your field, someone else seems to be getting all the headlines? Do you look at the newspaper and think to yourself, “I could have given that quote”—but you never had the chance, because the journalist never called you?

It’s not that you don’t have the expertise. You just aren’t positioning yourself to get the attention.

“I've worked for years in sales and marketing but Fern uncovered tips and strategies I've never heard about or implemented. Think of her one-day workshop as a highly condensed graduate program that arms you with the skills you need now to boost your media presence and bottom line.”

— Michael Griffin, Chief Operating Officer,
Haganah USA,

Position yourself to the media in a way that works

If you want to be known as the expert in your field, quoted in the national media on a daily basis, then you need Expertizing®. Expertizing® means becoming known. Becoming ‘the name’ the media and the public go to. Whether you’re a politician or executive, a doctor or a webmaster, a consultant or a lawyer, you and your bottom line will benefit from Expertizing®.

“At about the 60 minute mark [of the Expertizing® Workshop] I realized that the information Fern was giving us was worth the fee, several times over.”

— Barbara Poole, President, Poole Resources,

Without having to spend a lot of time

You can get national media attention with as little as just one hour each week. Just one hour each week—for national press. (You could Expertize your assistant or your staff, too. Then you can enjoy the benefits of Expertizing® without investing any more time.)

“What’s the point of being an expert if no one knows you? Spend a little time with Fern Reiss and the rest of the world will want to spend a lot of time with you. One tip from Fern + one hour a week = national publicity!”

— Diane Danielson, CEO,
Downtown Women’s Club

You’ll get more business whatever your profession

Expertizing® isn’t just for politicians and publicity hounds. While it is true that Expertizing® will gain you a measure of publicity and recognition, by itself that isn’t a reason for Expertizing®. What makes Expertizing® worth doing is what it will do for your business or practice.

There are almost no occupations whose practitioners would not benefit from an additional measure of public recognition and media attention.

“This workshop is filled with information on all aspects of promotion for your business. Fern Reiss tells you how to break into national media with clear, creative advice. The best workshop!”

— Marion Landew, Instructor,
New York University

Are you a professional?

Expertizing® will help you attract more clients, generate more referrals, reactivate old patients/clients, elicit more speaking invitations, be cited in more papers, and receive increased acclaim from colleagues. Any physician, lawyer, accountant, dentist, chiropractor, or veterinarian, can quickly and easily grow his practice using Expertizing®.

“You’d think being a pediatrician would make me the perfect expert for an article about boys and reading. But even my 25 years worth of experience working with kids didn’t compare to Fern Reiss’s 25 well-chosen words that landed the interview! The good news is that Expertizing is a powerful antidote for worn-out words. I am landing many interviews with Fern Reiss’s sound advice. Fantastic!”

— Dr. Cathryn Tobin, MD
Author, The Parent’s Problem Solver

Do you own a retail store or restaurant, or internet business?

You’ll learn how Expertizing® can help you attract new customers—and keep the old ones coming back again and again. And you’ll learn how much increased community awareness and media attention can contribute to your bottom line—and how to get that media attention on a regular basis.

“Thanks to Fern’s incredible Expertizing tips, I got into Joyce Rosenberg’s syndicated AP business column on my first try!”

— Robin K. Blum,

Do you operate a service company?

Expertizing® will help you get the credibility and media attention you need—to increase your visibility, and your profits.

“I’ve been using your Expertizing to answer journalists, and boy, does it work! I’ve gotten lots of press! Thanks, Fern!”

— Jen Singer,

Do you run a non-profit?

Or work with a government agency? Expertizing® will encourage the media to pay attention—and you’ll find the benefits not only in your association’s increased visibility, but in your fundraising efforts as well.

“Amazing workshop that opened my eyes to great techniques and insight that I can immediately put to use. For a small not-for-profit, it’s incredibly useful for keeping things in-house, instead of outsourcing at a much higher cost.”

— Greg Spradlin, Director of Communications
and Marketing, Heifer Foundation

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Expertizing. Thanks again for your terrific presentation!”

— Kira Jacobs,
Environmental Protection Agency

Are you an author?

Media attention will spike your book sales.

“After Expertizing, something clicked—I am now talking to a writer for an article in the Chicago Tribune. Whoohoo! Thanks again, Fern!”

— Carol Setters, author, Trophy Wives

Or are you a consultant?

Expertizing® will increase your inquiries and business.

“Wow! What a great day. My head is filled with new ideas… I'm going to be very busy over the next six months implementing everything I've learned. Oh, and then maybe I'll be able to get into the toolkit to learn more.”

— Ron Cook, Project Management Consultant,

“Thank you for your Expertizing presentation to the Society for Professional Consultants. I took copious notes and came away with many ‘ah hah’ points.”

— John Konselman, Consultant/Trainer
Unleashed Potentials

The bottom line is, Expertizing® will increase your bottom line!

How do you get Expertized? Currently we offer four options:

Option #1:
Personalized Expertizing®

Get a full eight-hour day of hands-on, individualized Expertizing® consulting, brought directly to you. You’ll learn how to entice the media, develop killer soundbites, syndicate your articles in newspaper columns, get onto radio and television, book a national (and lucrative) speaking tour, and much, much more. Fern Reiss will travel to your business and give you her targeted Expertizing® advice. Tailored to your expertise and business, personalized Expertizing® consulting is the ultimate way to be Expertized—and the most effective. (If you're interested in a corporate version for a larger audience, please contact us.) Includes the Expertizing® Tool Kit for you and your staff.

“I urge all serious entrepreneurs and professionals to sign up for Fern Reiss's Expertizing as soon as possible for the good of their businesses! Expertizing is like walking into an open mine filled with nuggets of gold there for the taking.”

— Clara Galvano, The New York Times

Rather than spending your money on a public relations firm month after month, you can get personalized Expertizing® consulting and reap the benefits for years to come.

If you’re ready for a personalized Expertizing® consultation, sign up now! Inquiring about a non-profit group? Special rates are available. To sign up, call us toll-free at (800)408-6226, or register online:

Click to sign up!
Sign Up Now

“Fern Reiss's private Expertizing consultation with me will have a direct and immediate impact on my association's ability to attract membership and fulfill its mission. Her depth of knowledge, resources, and creativity are priceless.”

— Catherine Jay, Founder, National
Association for Weight Loss Surgery

Option #2: Making Web 2.0 Work for You:
. Online Community Coordinating /
. Social Media Marketing

The problem: We've all gotten the message that we need to master Web 2.0, become active on social media sites like Plaxo and Bebo, start posting on Twitter, syndicate our articles online, produce lenses on Squidoo, author a blog, keep up with Delicious and StumbleUpon, and keep abreast of key blogs and websites.  (Most of all, we need to increase subscribers to our emails, improve our search engine optimization, figure out how social media and Web 2.0 lead to ROI, and get more visible—as we somehow monetize our expertise.)

The only problem is, we're supposed to do all that on top of our already busy days.  How does any individual or business find the time?

The solution:  Hire Fern Reiss and the Expertizing® Team as your online community coordinators. 

The Expertizing® team will get you started on Web 2.0.  We'll use your existing content (or if you don't have what you need yet, we can provide detailed directions to help you generate exactly what you'll need week by week), usually at least 25 short articles on your area of expertise, as well as several very short tips or tantalizers.  Most of these can be articles or tips you've already written for other purposes.  We''ll set you up on all the Web 2.0 initiatives you'll need—and stay abreast of the latest technological and social media strategies, so that you’re well positioned for Web 3.0.  By the end of this intensive campaign, you'll have:

  • Social media presence and profiles on at least two of the major social media sites.  (We'll tailor the campaign to your particular needs, depending on your product/service and desired audience: If you’re marketing to India, that will mean being on Orkut; if you’re marketing to under 19, you’ll be on MySpace, etc.)
  • A 'group' or fan club on at least one social media site.
  • A profile posted on Twitter, and at least 30 posts drawing in Twitter followers (as well as a detailed plan of how to 'tweet' in the future.)
  • Your syndicated articles posted in various places on the web.
  • At least one substantive lens on Squidoo.
  • Your own blog, with at least 20 posts to get you started.
  • The beginnings of (and a plan for the future for) converting your Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media contacts and ‘friends,’ to double-opt-in subscribers and clients.
  • A plan of how to continue your social media presence—and a detailed chart showing what to do each week, and in what order, to maximize your Web 2.0 presence and business. 

We'll also cover:

  • Online Reputation Management - Tracking and reporting on your reputation in the blogosphere, forums and social media
  • Facebook Marketing - Moderating Facebook Groups and building Facebook Business pages
  • Social Media Content Marketing - Creating articles, hubpages and Squidoo lenses, and mass syndicating through targeted social media channels
  • Blog Marketing - Syndicating your blog posts through social media channels (and Amazon, if you've authored a book)

The Expertizing® team will set you up with everything and then actually manage your social media presence for you for three (small business campaign) or six (corporate campaign) months.  At that point, you can decide to take the initiative back in-house, or you can put us on retainer to continue to manage your social media needs.  Renewable as long as our efforts are successfully monetizing your expertise.

Results you can expect: 
In addition to launching you on the Web 2.0 initiatives your business needs, you'll see improvement in the following areas:

  • Overall visibility.  You'll be much more 'out there' on the web; clients predictably see an increase in both consulting and speaking, and sometimes media attention as well.
  • Search engine optimization.  All of the initiatives above will help increase your website's search engine optimization.
  • Mailing list.  Most clients see marked improvement in their mailing list numbers after this campaign.
  • ROI.  Most clients see a significant return on their investment in this campaign.


Individual/Small Business Three-month Campaign: $7500.  Ongoing monthly retainer after the campaign (optional): $299.

Corporate Six-Month Intensive Campaign: $34,000.
Ongoing monthly retainer after the campaign (optional): $899.

Training-only option for Online Visibility:
Would you rather train your staff in how to navigate Web 2.0 and have them run your campaign? Get eight hours of intensive staff training, including the basics of search engine optimization, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, and blogs, on location in Boston or NY, or via telephone/Skype/internet worldwide. $3900.

Have needs that are out-of-the-box?  Please contact us for an individualized plan to meet your specific business needs.

The Right Team, the Right Time

Fern Reiss and the Expertizing® team have a reputation for their branding and visibility services for businesses and nonprofits ranging from the Hilton Hotels to the United Methodist Church.  With expertise in SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) as part of their team’s repertoire, and online community coordinating as the newest part of their line extension, your business can now meet all its Expertizing needs in one place.

Now, more than at any time in the last 25 years, you need greater visibility to keep customers coming. Leverage the Web 2.0 phenomenon now to help you attract those customers.

To sign up, call us toll-free at (800)408-6226, or register online:

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Option #3:
The Expertizing® Workshop

This all-day workshop offers both the Expertizing® content and Fern's hands-on, personal guidance and input. It’s held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, in your choice of three cities. Workshops are limited to just six attendees—to make sure you get the quality attention you and your business need.

“This is by far the best workshop I've ever attended. A step-by-step process to change our business and become viewed as an expert by the media. Amazing!”

— Chioma Isiadinso, CEO,
MBA Admissions Consulting
Boston May 16 Expertizing alumna

The Expertizing® workshop includes a breakfast buffet, multi-course luncheon, and English high tea at the Ritz Carlton. It also includes the Expertizing® Tool Kit (2 CDs, Expertizing® Planner, and Expertizing® Binder.)

“This is a workshop that sparks your creativity and encourages you to think outside the traditional boundaries in order to get your message out. I will suggest it to my colleagues.”

— Larry Hollon, CEO,
United Methodist Communications

If you can’t do a Personalized Expertizing® Consultation, the Expertizing® Workshop is the best way to Expertize. (And don’t forget to sign up your assistant and your staff, so that they can aid you in your Expertizing® efforts.)

“Fern Reiss’s Expertizing workshop is filled with a wealth of information. Participants leave with knowledge that can be applied again and again, making the course an excellent lifetime investment. Fern herself brings great intelligence to the challenges presented to her by participants, and the end result is a day that is well worth anyone’s time.”

— Kate Kelly, author of the forthcoming
What Did They Do Before...?
A History of How Things Got This Way

Inquire about upcoming workshop dates:

The price of the workshop is $2500. (Remember to ask your accountant about taking this workshop as a tax deduction.)

“Invaluable is how I would describe your Expertizing Workshop. This event was one of the best investments I've made in myself this year. I know my business will grow thanks to what I learned!”

— Julie Anna Alvarez,
September 19 Expertizing alumna

Sign up now

This offer will be available only until our remaining workshop spots fill. We won’t be able to offer workshop spaces to everyone. Remember, each workshop is limited to just 6 attendees, and there are only two workshops scheduled now. So only 12 people nationwide will get the benefit of Expertizing® in the coming year. Will you be one of them?

“Fern Reiss’s workshop is amazing! If just 10% of her energy and humor can be extrapolated to my business ventures, I will need to hire a new associate every week.”

— Sheila Leavitt,

If you’re ready for an Expertizing® workshop, sign up now! To sign up, call us toll-free at (800)408-6226, or register online:

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Option #4:
The Expertizing® Forum

If you’ve always wanted to get national media attention for your business or organization—from The New York Times, Forbes Magazine, Inc. Magazine, Harvard Business Review, Time Magazine, CNN, People Magazine, USA Today and more—now’s your opportunity.  In the Expertizing® Publicity Forum, not only do top editors and journalists share their tips on pitching to their publications, but they'll entertain your e-mail pitch—and let you know exactly how to improve it to make it saleable to major publications. Appropriate for individuals, entrepreneurial startups, small or large businesses, and organizations. Participants have been publicized in:

  • The New York Times
  • Inc. Magazine
  • Time Magazine
  • Forbes Magazine
  • Bon Appetit
  • Parenting
  • USA Today

In addition, several participants found literary agents through the Forum and sold books to major publishers.

Each week, we'll introduce a top journalist, whom you'll then get the chance to pitch (via e-mail). Then you'll receive the journalist's feedback on your pitch—and on all of the other pitches submitted that week. If the journalist is interested in your pitch, you might end up in an article in that publication. Either way, the feedback will vastly improve the quality of your future pitches.

Here's what you'll receive as part of the Expertizing® Publicity Forum:

  • Background information on the journalist and publication
  • Valuable pitching tips and techniques to improve your approach to journalists
  • Live pitching (via e-mail) to a different journalist each week (interspersed with the occasional literary agent)
  • Direct feedback from the journalist on your specific pitch
  • The ability to read the entire forum's pitches—and the journalists' responses.  (You'll have the ability to include contact information, so that the other forum members can be in touch with you, or to keep your contact details private, as you prefer.)

There are conferences that offer this sort of pitching forum—for just one day—and they cost over $6000.  We're able to offer this unique opportunity to pitch major journalists every week for 5 months for just $2400.

To find out more, see our Expertizing® Forum information page.

“The Expertizing Forum was a high quality, cost effective way for Cambridge Healthtech Associates to refine our PR pitch and make it first-rate while also gaining valuable media exposure in the process. We are considering joining again!”

— Eric Glazer, VP, Marketing, Cambridge Healthtech Associates (CHA)

If you’re ready to sign up for the Expertizing® forum, please register online:

Click to sign up!
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You really can’t afford not to invest in Expertizing®

Get ready for a flood of inquiries from the press and from the public. And enjoy it! We wish you the best of luck.

P.S. Just think: This might be the last time you have to worry about positioning your company and yourself, and the last time you have to wonder how you'll get media attention. By this time next year you will have catapulted your business to an entirely new level.


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