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Fern Reiss

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Press releases

Wall Street Week's Guest on Positioning Products in a Rough Economy

Although tough economic times often prompt companies to unveil new products in their search for shrinking consumer dollars, businesses might be better off with their old products and new positioning, said Fern Reiss of on this week's Wall Street Week with Fortune show. Read more here.

Boston Globe Cites Fern Reiss’s Search Engine Placement Tips

The Boston Globe this week devoted a full page to teaching readers how to raise their website’s search engine rankings using Fern Reiss’s tips on PR and blogging. Reiss, who has been quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The International Herald Tribune, Fortune Small Business, and over 100 other prestigious publications in the last six months, now teaches business owners how to get more media attention for themselves and their businesses through her company. Read more here.

Fortune Small Business Recognizes Publicity Expert Fern Reiss

Fortune Small Business Magazine devoted a full page to Fern Reiss's publicity company that teaches people to get more media attention for their business. Read more here.

Become Media-worthy and a Valued Source

In the eyes of prospective clients and customers, an architect, doctor, or financial planner quoted often in the media enjoys a shimmering halo of expertise not enjoyed by their colleague who is in fact equally capable. Fern Reiss, who has been quoted herself in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Redbook, and scores of other prestigious publications in the last six months, now teaches professionals with credentials how to take their knowledge to a wide, national stage, in a series of Expertizing workshops, taking place at Ritz Carlton Hotels in Boston, San Francisco, and New York City. Read more here.

Photographs of author Fern Reiss

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