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Fern Reiss

Available only to Expertizing™ clients and workshop attendees, The Expertizing™ Toolkit provides the tools you’ll need to Expertize yourself.

The Expertizing™ Toolkit includes:

  • Expertizing™ Overview (audio CD), an overview of how and why Expertizing™ can work to position you as a name brand, including an action plan. This audio CD is based on Fern's most popular talk.
  • Creating Killer Soundbites (audio CD), our proprietary guide to being quoted by the national media on a daily basis. In it, Fern will share both how to target the right journalists to whom to send your soundbites, and how to write the eye-catching soundbites themselves. Plus, she’ll give you dozens of examples of killer soundbites that were written using her techniques—and show you how they resulted in media coverage galore. Craft perfect soundbites and be quoted by the national media on a daily basis. Fern has been quoted in publications ranging from The New York Times to The National Enquirer. Learn how she does it—and how she's training others to do it—including all the secrets of how you can do it quickly and easily. This is the guts of the Expertizing™ Kit. Includes dozens of examples so that you can begin crafting your own soundbites immediately. (Listen to it yourself, and then share it with your staff.)
  • The Complete 12-Month Expertizing™ Planner, with step-by-step guidance. This planner gives you the guidance you need to implement all Fern's suggestions and map out your own Expertizing™ plan.
  • Expertizing™: Position Yourself as a Name Brand, our 200-page guide to Expertizing™, organized for you in a convenient three-ring binder. This product isn’t available in bookstores, though it’s already generated a lot of buzz. Right now it's available only as part of our Expertizing™ Toolkit.


“Fern Reiss’s Expertizing™: Position Yourself as a Name Brand is THE guide to branding yourself to the media as an expert. Every business needs this book.

— Peter Montoya, author, The Brand Called You


Here are some of the things that Expertizing™: Positioning Yourself as a Name Brand will teach you to do:

  • Publish a book. Whether or not you can sell the book, the book will sell you. These days, having a book is the baseline—it’s so much easier to be quoted by the press if you’ve published a book. And whether or not you’re a writer, you can write and publish a book. Fern gives you all the tips—you'll see how quickly you can go from idea to beautifully published book. (Don’t worry, all the non-writers are intimidated by this step—until they see how easy we make it. Really, if you have an area of expertise then you can publish a book. We’ll hold your hand every step of the way.)
  • Syndicate a column in newspapers across the country and online. Not only will this earn you a great deal of free publicity, it can also be lucrative. Learn how to write and syndicate your own column—and position yourself as your field’s expert. This is one of the fastest ways to get your name out there. Fern gives you all the details.
  • Create a website and national association. This is a great way to attract steady media attention. You may already have the website. But we’ll tell you how to create the national association that goes with it—and that’s the part that will attract the media like a magnet.
  • Write a killer press release. If you’ve ever made yourself crazy trying to craft a press release, read this first, and never experience press release anxiety again.
  • Get on the talk show circuit. Learn how to book yourself on national radio and television shows—and then use them to create business opportunities.
  • Look like an expert. If you’re going to position yourself as an expert, learn to look like one. And we don’t mean your wardrobe.
  • Be in demand as a national speaker. Find out how to book yourself at venues across the country—and how to use these speaking opportunities to generate demand and sales for your business. (Fern is now getting thousands of dollars every time she speaks, and she’ll share all her secrets of how to do it.)
  • Map out your personal Expertizing™ plan. Create a custom-made Expertizing™ plan for yourself—and follow it to Expert status.

Not only that, the Expertizing™ Kit also includes information on:

  • Expertizing™ yourself quickly
  • How to expertize from scratch
  • Twenty 5-minute shortcuts to becoming a nationally-known executive
  • Expertizing™ for the doctor, lawyer, consultant, academic and entrepreneur
  • Expertizing™ Your CEO: How staffers can position the company’s CEO as an expert
  • Expertizing™ for the working mom. The unique opportunities to expertize through work/life columns
  • Expertizing™ if you’re downsized
  • Expertizing™ in an overcrowded arena

To find out more about The Expertizing™ Toolkit and what Expertizing™ can do for you and your business, e-mail us at, or call us toll-free at (800)408-6226.

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